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What can I offer....


As a professionally trained psychologist, I can offer you the therapeutic space to feel, express, explore and start to understand your psychological experiences. I offer counselling and therapy for the following areas:

  • Work/Life Stress                                                            

  • Low mood/sadness/worry                                   

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Childhood challenges

  • Fatigue, burnout and 'rust out'

  • Low self esteem/lack of confidence/lack of assertiveness/poor self belief                                             

  • Learning to be kinder to yourself                     

  • Learning relaxation strategies and mindfulness

  • Learning to connect to the body and be less caught up in thinking                                     

  • Emotional challenges related to living with a long term health condition

  • Emotional challenges related to living with a communication impairment

  • A sense that life feels meaningless, empty or stuck

All of my clients have found their way to counselling therapy via their own unique life path and set of psychological experiences.  Some may have experienced a significant life event, some may have experienced a slow build up of challenging emotions that begin to feel draining or exhausting, and some may have experienced a sudden change in their emotions and feelings; leaving them feeling scared and fearful about the future.   For others, they may be going through life feeling so-so but with a feeling that they have lost a sense of purpose or meaning in their life.  As a result, they may feel confused or stuck in a lifestyle and way of being.  

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